Moving with the [Business] Times

NPS Shoes and Solovair owner, Ivor Tilley and Managing Director Christian Castle (Ivor’s son-in-law) made the front page of the Business Times newspaper to recognise the family’s significant contribution to the footwear industry in Northamptonshire as well as a global player with their brand Solovair. With a growing workforce and order book, NPS Shoes still stay true to their heritage.

Every aspect of the shoe-making takes place in the NPS Shoe factory. This is really important; some well known brands who proclaim they are made in Britain, only make certain aspects in the UK and in some cases only the design of the footwear takes place in the UK while the actual shoe or boot is made in Asia.

NPS Shoes is very proud of their heritage and feel very supported by the Solovair community who follow their brand and recognise the Made in Britain quality.

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